The most important decisions to make when buying a tablet

During Christmas, we talked about how to give the perfect tablet as a gift, but seeing the new season is about to start and that the CES 2018 has left us with many interesting debuts, here are our recommendations for you to choose which tablet to buy for yourself. Keeping in mind, what, in our opinion, are the most important decisions to make.

Note: due to the screen of smartphone is larger than before, I don’t think tablet is necessary for everyone, I suggest you focus on a laptop, it can do more things.

Set a budget

It is pure common sense, but it is the basic decision that will affect all the others. This is because, according to how much we can afford to pay, there are some options that are excluded: $100-or-less-tablets are a very small niche consisting only in 7 and 8-inch tablets, good for kids and seldom users. Middle range tablets are between 150 and 230 dollars, they are mostly Android (unless we don’t mind buying an imported one). Between 350 and 470 there are some choices, better ones that the ones in the middle range and getting a high range Tablet will cost something around 700 dollars mínimum and if we want a good Windows Tablet we will have to think of at least 800 or 900 dollars. It’s always good to pay attention to tablets on sale, but rarely does the discount make them leave these basic ranges.

How long do we want it to last and how much are we going to use them

When deciding about prices, it is important to think if it would not be better to spend a little more in a tablet that would last many years, especially if we are intensive users. There are many factors that affect the good functioning of the tablet (finishing, hardware, updates…) and not all of them age well. Although tablets don’t need to be upgraded as soon as smartphones, we still tend to postpone it too much and not all of them can endure it.

What do we want the tablet to do

Tablets are very versatile devices, some (each one in its own level) are quite good for almost anything, but no tablet is the best in everything. For this reason, it is always interesting to think, realistically, what are we going to need the tablet for and which is the main activity: do we need it for work above everything? Or are we going to use it to browse and watch series? Some activities have higher requirements tan others (in terms of hardware, accessories, etc) and some need very specific features, it is important to set our priorities straight.

Decide which “extras” interest us

Besides the usage we’ll give them, each of us has special circumstances that can lead to prioritizing certain characteristics which many tablets don’t have or make the price go up. A clear example is 4G connection, easy to find in high range Android tablets and on the iPad, but not in Windows tablets or in basic ranges. This can raise the price, depending on the brand and model we are thinking about. Another example is the digital fingerprint sensor, essential for some but not so usual on tablets as in smartphones. It is very important also to be aware of our habits and real storage needs and if we need or not more internal storage or micro-SD space.

Deciding the operative system

For the unconditional followers of an operative system, this decision (taken before hand, in fact) will be at the beginning of the list, but unless we have a valuable collection of apps and games for one of them that has special significance for us or if we have difficulty adapting to a new one, we should be open-minded and give priority to other facts. Still, as we just mentioned, there can be circumstances in the operative system that are key to us and there are enough differences among them to change the decision.

Some help deciding which tablet to buy

Finally, we remind you that a couple months ago we left you a guide to buy a tablet with general recommendations and specific models for different user profiles and budgets, that is still valid, although lately some like the Pixel C are not being sold anymore and there have also been some interesting additions (we can now buy the Miix 520) launched on the IFA 2017 and also the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus and a new Lenovo Tab 4 7 Essential, for the ones looking for ultra-cheap tablets. Or if you would rather wait, you can take a look at what we know will be the best tablets of 2018.

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