Acronis launches its new solution for ransomware using artificial intelligence

One of the types of malware that has grown the most and attacked the most users in the last month has been the ransomware. As we know, its function is to kidnap the data from a device and ask for money in exchange. The ways to protect ourselves, logically, have also increased. Today we will talk about Acronis and their new, free solution they have just launched that uses artificial intelligence to defend us against the ransomware.

Acronis solution to face the ransomware

This solution is called Acronis Ransomware Protection. It is a version based, as we mentioned, on artificial intelligence. Acronis is the global leader in terms of protection and data storage on the hybrid cloud.

The function of stopping ransomware attacks in real time, as well as allowing users to recover their files without paying a rescue.

With time, cyber-criminals have been improving the way they introduce the ransomware on the device. This has made it more and more difficult to detect by traditional antiviruses. A problem that puts at risk user information.

Compatible with other programs

Acronis Ransomware Protection gives user a superior level of protection. It is compatible with any other data-protection solution we already have. So we need our traditional antivirus together with this extra protection.

It checks on a daily basis all of the systems processes in real time. This allows it to detect and stop attacks immediately. Moreover, it informs us immediately with an emergent window.

In case it is not able to stop the attack and some files are damages, Acronis’ solution allows us an immediate restoration.

Security backup on the cloud

We also have a security backup on the cloud feature. This is very useful, since we can protect our files and have them always available through the network. This allows us not only to defend ourselves against ransomware, but also in the case of losing the device or having a big hardware problem. It provides 5GB of storage for free to each user.

Its installation is simple and it doesn’t require anything else. Just install it and forget we have it until, in case it’s needed, it does its work and protects us against ransomware.

It is a 20 MB program that doesn’t use many system resources. It is ideal for those who don’t have a very powerful device. It does not affect performance.

As we mentioned before, ransomware is one of the most problematic malware attacks. In 2017 there were famous cases that affected important companies. The problem is that many users still don’t understand the danger their devices face.

According to a survey carried out by Acronis, 72.4% of the respondents in Spain don’t know that this type of malware could erase every file from their device. Moreover, only 11.1% had heard about some of the important attacks such as WannaCry or NotPetya.

Because of this, it is important to always have our devices protected. Although in this cases, common sense is the most important thing. Most of the attacks need the user’s interaction to execute.

We can download the app from their official website. Right now this version is only available for Windows.

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