Google wants to manufacture its own chips and face up to Apple

After the closing of the deal to buy part of the mobile division of HTC, Google has incorporated 2000 highly-qualified engineers in the company in an effort to face up to Apple.

With this purchase Google can design more hardware parts for its future units. Previously the company made agreements with other businesses to design the units and add their brand name, while the people from Mountain View concentrated on designing the software of the units.

They want to have better control in the process of the creation of the hardware. Functions like augmented reality or the services based on artificial intelligence require a greater integration between the hardware and the software.

Google’s next big challenge: make its own SoC

In order to be able to face Apple, the big G would need to begin to design its own SoC (System on a Chip). Making your own chip can assume a large expenditure of money, though this can also assume a great savings latter in the purchase of components —Google is not short of money, so this won’t be a problem.

Although the company has already incorporated a personalized chip called the Pixel Visual Core, it is a chip in charge of the processing of the images of the Pixel 2. The latest smartphone of the Mountain View people incorporates AI in its camera, making it one of the best mobile phone cameras in existence, and therefore Google designed this SoC.

With the acquirement of part of the mobile division of HTC, it is very likely that they will launch the development of a complete SoC. A chip that will serve as the brain of a smartphone and will function just like they want.

Less dependence on other companies

Google could stop being so dependent on companies like Qualcomm and achieve a longer useful life for its units of previous generations. But in order for the company to stop depending on powers like Qualcomm there is still a long road ahead, in fact, even if they design their own SoC they would still need a company to produce it.

Although we are hoping to see soon the changes in the manufacturing of their new units brought about by the incorporation of the 2000 engineers from HTC, the sale closed just today, so it could be that it will still be years before we will see changes in the company’s new products. They have to readjust departments and train the new workers in Google’s open projects.

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